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Shapes of Mind is a digital archive designed to provide Quebec teachers and consultants with continued access to Teaching with Purpose (TwP) literacy resources, including SoundPrints©.


These materials are not mandated (required) by the Quebec Ministry of Education; rather, they are complementary resources developed and shared by the author (Lynn Senecal, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist),

 with Quebec’s English School Boards from 1992 to 2023.

Lynn has a particular background in (and love of) reading, writing, and educational design. Her specialties are literacy and language development—both typical and atypical. Lynn is an avid reader of children's and YA literature. She believes strongly in the combined power of the sciences and arts (STEAM) to engage and inform young learners. 


The author grants permission to public school teachers and consultants to review and download printable (PDF) documents for classroom use. These resources may not be reposted or modified without permission, or used for profit. Many resources are open-access; however, to ensure successful implementation, advanced resources do require PD. If you are an experienced SoundPrints user, please contact your Board's ELA or Complementary (Student) Services to register for access to password-protected webpages.   


Thank you!

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