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What is the role of SoundPrints in a comprehensive literacy framework?

SoundPrints is a complementary resource developed to help teachers with inclusive (diverse) groups to (a) contextualize and enrich, and (b) individualize, the word-study component of their language arts curriculum.

As true of all Teaching with Purpose (TwP) resources, SoundPrints resources are not mandated by the MEQ. Rather, they are complementary, non-profit resources developed and released by the author as a service to Quebec’s English School Boards—i.e., to support the varied needs of learners in diverse groups.

The power of this approach lies in rich implementation; systematic word study is anchored in engaging reading, writing, and talk. All who embrace this philosophy are welcome to use the open-access (broad reading/writing/talk) SoundPrints resources below. A wider variety of open-access literacy resources is available on the WordSmith Resources page.  


To ensure deep understanding and rich use of more complex/specific tools, PD is required prior to use of resources in the Advanced Resources (password-protected) area of this page.  Please contact your Board's ISN resource person for information about local PD opportunities. 

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