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Welcome! ISN resources are designed to support implementation of the Quebec Education Program (QEP) in today's inclusive classrooms.  Please note that they are not, however, mandated (required) by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Rather, they are complementary, non-profit resources developed/released by the author (Lynn Senecal) as a service to Quebec's English School Boards—i.e., to support the varied needs of learners in diverse groups.*

Open-access resources may be downloaded by all site visitors for non-profit classroom use. These resources may not, however, be reposted or modified without permission, and may not be used commercially. Honour system: Lynn earns nothing from these; nor should you! :)


To ensure deep understanding and rich use of advanced resources, access to password-protected areas of the site is restricted to Quebec public school teachers and consultants who have received provincial or local (Board-based) professional development.

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